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aadjcsp.dll    10.0.16299.98    Microsoft Corporation

aadcloudap.dll    10.0.16299.431    Microsoft Corporation

aadauthhelper.dll    10.0.16299.431    Microsoft Corporation

AppVEntStreamingManager.dll    10.0.16299.431    Microsoft Corporation

AppVEntVirtualization.dll    10.0.16299.431    Microsoft Corporation

AppVEntSubsystemController.dll    10.0.16299.431    Microsoft Corporation

AppVReporting.dll    10.0.16299.431    Microsoft Corporation

AppVPublishing.dll    10.0.16299.431    Microsoft Corporation

aitstatic.exe    10.0.17060.1030    Microsoft Corporation

appraiser.dll    10.0.17060.1030    Microsoft Corporation

acmigration.dll    10.0.17060.1030    Microsoft Corporation

api_dsp_windows.dll    SafeNet Inc.

AppleODD.sys    Apple Inc.

AppleCamera.sys    5.1.6100.0    Apple Inc.

amdkmafd.sys    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

aaplmonf.sys    Apple Inc.

ASMNPCH223.dll    Autodesk, Inc.

ASMSWP223A.dll    Autodesk, Inc.

am_win_aux.dll    AO Kaspersky Lab

am_patch_management.dll    AO Kaspersky Lab

AvDump64.exe    17.7.3660.0    AVAST Software

aswcmlx.dll    AVAST Software s.r.o.

aswcertx.dll    AVAST Software s.r.o.

AhResRsw.dll    17.6.3625.0    AVAST Software

AhResIdp.dll    17.6.3625.0    AVAST Software

AvEmUpdate.exe    17.6.3625.0    AVAST Software

aswidsagent.exe    AVAST Software s.r.o.

ActiproSoftware.BarCode.Wpf.dll    14.2.610.0    Actipro Software LLC

AnnCoreTools.dll    6.417.0.14242    Dassault Systemes

AbcSafePluginDriverInstallorUnInstall.dll    ABChina

AliWorkbenchSafeCon.exe    阿里巴巴(中国)有限公司

advanced3d.aex       Adobe Systems Incorporated

aefiltercrop.aex       Adobe Systems Incorporated

aegpdriver.aex       Adobe Systems Incorporated

ae_opengl.aex       Adobe Systems Incorporated

align.aex       Adobe Systems Incorporated

analyzer.aex       Adobe Systems Incorporated

autocolor.aex       Adobe Systems Incorporated

Allboot.exe    Unknown    Unknown

all4amm112.exe    Unknown    Unknown

allchaps.exe    Unknown    Unknown

all596.exe    Unknown    Unknown

alldemo.exe    Unknown    Unknown

all597.exe    Unknown    Unknown

alleditor.exe    Unknown    Unknown

all100rel.exe    3, 5, 0, 4    Xceed Software Inc. 1-450-442-2626

ALL8012.EXE    Unknown    Unknown

allesmurmel.exe    Unknown    Unknown

all8029.exe    Unknown    Unknown

allfix.exe    Unknown    Unknown

allair_es.exe    Unknown    RISS

ALLIANCE_OVERVIEW6.exe    5,0,30,0    Macromedia, Inc.

allamerican.exe    Unknown    Unknown

alligators.exe    Unknown    Unknown

allamerican_netscape.exe    Unknown    Unknown

allite149t.exe    Unknown    GSI Software Research

allmap.exe    Unknown    Unknown

allnav_es.exe    Unknown    RISS

allok_movconverter.exe    Unknown    Allok Soft,Inc.

allsea_es.exe    Unknown    RISS

allok_rm2mp3.exe    Allok Soft,Inc.

allski25.exe    Unknown    RI Soft Systems

allok_vjoiner.exe    Unknown    Allok Soft,Inc.

allski_es.exe    Unknown    RISS

allok_wmvconverter.exe    Unknown    Allok Soft,Inc.

allspa_es.exe    Unknown    RISS

allout_setup.exe    Unknown    Unknown

allstar.exe    Unknown    Unknown

allpat3.exe    Unknown    Unknown

allsun_es.exe    Unknown    RISS

allpdf2setup.exe    1.00.000    BCL Technologies, Inc.

allwat_es.exe    Unknown    RISS

ALLPlayerTEST.exe    Unknown    Unknown

allwaysync.exe    Unknown    Unknown

all_plugins.exe    Unknown    Unknown

ALLPlayer_SKINS.exe    Unknown    Unknown

ALLWDM.exe    Unknown    Leadtek

ALLWDM031208.exe    Unknown    Leadtek

acd201100f_el_adlm.asr    undefined version    undefined company

albumtable.dbf    undefined version    undefined company

apiepr.bin    undefined version    undefined company





(8018) app932.fon
(7138) atl71.dll
(5193) avgf.dll
(4498) amqu.dll
(4488) amhm.exe
(3850) app936.fon
(3646) AppNet.dll
(3542) Apploc.exe
(3428) autl.dll
(3383) avxt.dll
(3250) alnk.dll
(3207) atl80.dll
(3165) agPO.exe
(2800) aapt.exe
(2775) atl100.dll
(2555) acad.dll
(2551) avcq.dll
(2534) Amdppm.sys
(2525) AAOB.dll
(2324) ABD.exe
(2167) app950.fon
(2120) AVvc.dll
(2002) agtwain.ds
(1992) Amsger.exe
(1957) APIDIO.dll
(1928) axfy.exe