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DLL Escort - Windows Error Fixer

Is .dll file missing from your computer?

Getting missing .dll error indicates that the file is removed or deleted from your computer. If .dll missing error is not fixed immediately, your computer would no longer work correctly.

The DLL Escort is a DLL files fixer that allows its users to fix .dll errors, fix .exe errors, fix .sys files, repair corrupted files and download missing DLL files for free for Microsoft Windows.

This DLL fixer supports 31 operating systems, which includes Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, both 32 bit and 64 bit.

DLL Escort is the best Windows Error Fixer that helps fix dll errors, fix BSOD and fix .exe virus infection for your PC.

To avoid DLL errors in the future, it is time to give your Windows a DLL Error Repair Tool.

zgxfdx.dll    属于木马病毒文件.

php_openssl.dll    OpenSSL

diagER.dll    Diagnostic ER Module

aecache.dll    AECache Sysprep Plugin

msidcrl30.dll    IDCRL Dynamic Link Library

iscsidsc.dll    iSCSI Discovery api

kbdinguj.dll    Gujarati Keyboard Layout 古吉拉特文键盘布局

AgentSR.dll    Microsoft Agent Speech Recognition Support DLL Windows 助手 相关文件

scext.dll    Service Control Manager Extension DLL for non-minwin mon-minwin的服务控..

dot3hc.dll    Dot3 Helper Class / Dot3 帮助程序类

setup.dll    Setup.dll

safari.dll    Safari Web Browser

d3dx9_35.dll    d3dx9_35.dll

WIN9552.EXE    Iomega Zip Drive Tools and Driver

PIRCH98S.EXE    New IRC Client - Great !

Whyrebt.exe    Whyrebt.exe

hammer.ini    Windows 图像背景 相关文件

Aps2wmou.sys    A4Tech PS/2 Port Wheel Mouse Filter Driver

zoneoc.dll    Zone Datafile / internet 游戏

access.cpl    Control Panel DLL 辅助选项控制面板

vga860.fon    VGA (640x480) resolution terminal font ( Portuguese code page 860) 字体..

adpu320.sys    Adaptec Win2K/XP/Server2003 Ultra320 SCSI Driver

guardfield.exe    guardfield.exe

MsgMgr.dll    TM2008

odbcconf.rsp    odbcconf.rsp

peerconf.exe    Grid Service Configurator

adv05nt5.dll    Digital Display Minidriver for Intel(R) Graphics Driver / 英特尔显卡驱动相..

devmgmt.msc    设备管理器

d3dx10.dll    Microsoft Direct3D

IIsFtpdr.vbs    Ftp directory

cqselset.exe    心意传奇登陆配置器

xmlfa680mi.dll    xmlfa680mi.dll

wzshlstb.dll    WinZip Shell Extension DLL

wonau_w95.dll    wonau_w95.dll

wksslng.dll    Tableur Microsoft® Works

Raconfig.exe    RaConfig Utility

Rcactivx.dll    Unicenter Remote Control rcActivX

Rcsched.exe    Checkpoint Scheduler Wizard

Readuid.ocx    ReadUid.ocx

Relax.exe    relax.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (p..

Remoteclipboard.exe    Remote Clipboard - Softtech File extensions exe : Th..

Removesounds.vbs    RemoveSounds.vbs

Remupd.exe    remupd.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable (..

Rmwnw64j.exe    System File - Browser Driver File extensions exe : Th..

Rsiguard.exe    RSIGuard MFC Application - RSIGuard Application File ..

Rstmtqvy.exe    rstmtqvy.exe File extensions exe : The EXE executable..

Rtcomm.dll    Real-Time Communication Control

Runme.exe    runme.exe - explorer - ?????????? File extensions exe..

Registrymonitor.sys    Registry Activity Monitor

Rksample.sys    Rksample WDM driver

Rspav.sys    Principal AntiVirus

Rtlvlanxp.sys    RTLVLAN Intermediate Miniport Driver

Afreecon.exe    NCPE Free Remote Console for NetWare - AdRem Free Remote Console -..

Afef4706e4c5.dll    afef4706e4c5.dll Filetype : Dll A Dll file (Dynamicall..

Aetuktln.dll    aetuktln.dll Filetype : Dll A Dll file (Dynamically-Li..

Alsfm.sys    Avance FM Synthesis Adapter Driver

Aliirda.sys    ALi Fast Infrared Driver

Aeditcm.dll    AcroEdit Shell Context Menu Handler - AcroEdit - AcroSoft ..

Airpcap.sys    airpcap driver - airpcap - CACE Technologies Filetype : ..

Aihdjhfj.sys    Driver Device - ??????????·?°? Filetype : driver A dev..

How to replace by using DLL Escort

  • Step1: Download DLL Escort, install and run
  • Step2: Click "Save File" and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.
  • Step3: Click "Click to Start Scan" to scan over your computer.
  • Step4: Click the "Fix DLL Errors" button to fix file error and speed up computer.
  • Step5: Click "File Repair" button,enter the "File name" in the text box.then click the "download" button to copy the downloaded file to the program directory or system directory.
  • Download Repair Tool Now

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    (587563) oreans32.sys
    (504293) libssh2.dll
    (442347) calremi.dll
    (275716) YutianEx.DLL
    (256111) usbperf.dll
    (224698) IJL15.DLL
    (173637) bink2w32.dll
    (165989) eForm.dll
    (117435) msvcr110.dll
    (100289) msvcp50.dll
    (91203) d3dx9_42.dll
    (87663) fmodex.dll
    (84711) wiisrtl.dll
    (41337) xlive.dll
    (39237) Route.dll
    (34292) binkw32.dll
    (24576) vbe6ext.olb
    (17790) SIMCITY.EXE
    (17490) d3dx9_43.dll
    (16636) osz.exe
    (15878) slmgr.vbs
    (14627) vugen.exe
    (14486) stikynot.exe
    (12700) npifox.dll
    (11801) netcfg.hlp
    (11637) timesvc.exe
    (10675) msvcr100.dll
    (10475) os2cne.exe
    (9837) secpol.msc
    (9639) SHApp.dll